A Few Thing's I've Learned As Of Late


  • Consistency is valued, Diversity is admired
  • Do more with less (someone else will always have more: money, connections, gear, talent, etc.)
  • When life blesses you with better gear/software/equipment…the quality of the image shouldn’t be the only thing that’s getting better. It doesn’t matter…

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Sculptures Made from Cut and Curled Paper by Gunjan Aylawadi

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A truly unstoppable force.

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my house smells like ham, and it will for the next 30ish hours. 

which is either a blessing or a scentual curse, not sure which yet. 


Not really feelin this whole school college work until I die thing

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I’m sorry we wore you out a bit yesterday, but I was happy to see you! Even small crowds can be exhausting, if you’ve got several talkers :-)

I’m so glad you came up. :) we’ve been hoping for it for awhile.

They can be - I generally don’t have too much trouble, but I’ve had super low energy levels for the last several weeks to begin with. :) 

  1. asfierceaslions said: TAMALES ARE GROSS TORI DON’T DO IT

dude, homemade tamales? I’ll grant you the weird canned ones, but homemade tamales can have ANYTHING in them, and you can make them however you like. They’re amazing. Slow roasted chicken with garlic, chili powder and pepper, shredded, covered in red, roasted peppers pureed into a sauce with the right notes of bitter, savory and sweet, and encapsulated by a rich, corn envelope that creates the perfect marriage of sweet and mild, and decadent and savory. 

tamales are a religious experience, dude.