Stoked to be featured alongside some other rad ladies on my friend Kara’s website today with a little contribution to the Church of Babe Vibes. So many neat projects on the horizon and feeling really excited about things in general, hell yeah, hell yeah!

all of these are so important but top right again and again and again and again. 

Knife babes unite, y’know! ;)

So inspiring.

Fuckin amazing

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New tattoo. First in a sleeve. Tattoo (and photos) by David Kern of Tattoos by Pheonix

photographing weddings is the closest I get to the divine, these days. 

but hell if it’s not close.

clearly, we are too cool for your shenanigans. 

clearly, we are too cool for your shenanigans. 

one day of work - I can make it through one day of work! 


Painting Re-Enactment

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I’m starting my first sleeve this weekend! Super excited about this. I’ve been planning it for so long. (: 


Edible Flowers


Edible Flowers

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