mostly tho, I just sit in awe of the fact a selfie of mine has topped 500 notes. 


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As you know, today is 420 and it’s also Easter.


So I guess that gives the song “Lift High The Cross” a brand new meaning.

I just want flowers.

5 days until 21.

And the most exciting part about this is that I can buy my own red wine for stews, and I can rent a car in some states. x)


i really need a day between saturday and sunday

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those times when you understate something because of how excited you are about it

and in so doing, the people you wanted there most don’t realize how important it is and the entire thing ends up not happening at all. 

brownies, cleaning the house, prepping meals for the week.

tonight, sleep will be blissful. 

A Few Thing's I've Learned As Of Late


  • Consistency is valued, Diversity is admired
  • Do more with less (someone else will always have more: money, connections, gear, talent, etc.)
  • When life blesses you with better gear/software/equipment…the quality of the image shouldn’t be the only thing that’s getting better. It doesn’t matter…

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